Beryl Touchard

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I draw my inspiration from the forces of nature, the rain, wind, air, mist, rock formations and atmospheric changes in the  landsacape. I have always been fascinated by the dramatic and mystical elements within our natural world.

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Contemporary Artist

Waterlogged Field, Series, No: 3

I am currently developing a series of watercolours inspired by waterlogged fields 2023/24 near to where I live in Leicestershire. The focus of attention is connected with the  surrounding areas of flooded fields and the River Soar; concentrating on the movement, light and reflections on the water. Another ongoing series of paintings I am working on  concern ‘Volcanic Eruptions’, and are inspired by the Grindavik volcano eruptions of 2023/24 in the area of Fagradalsfjall, Iceland.


Waterlogged Field, Series No: 4

Volcanic Eruption, Iceland,  Series   No: 3

Volcanic Eruption, Iceland Series No: 4